After graduating with a Bachelors in Business Marketing from Georgia Southern University, London had a dream to have a job in the corporate beauty business. Immediately after graduation she relocated to New York City to fulfill an internship position at Seventh House PR, a high fashion Public Relations and Sales firm. There she went from being an intern to full time employee in three months time. While there, for 2 years, she did not touch much on beauty at all. Deciding to get her dream back on track, she saved her earnings and left the job to attend New York's Aveda Institute. At Aveda, she acquired training in Cosmetology and Esthiology, the study of skin care. After becoming licensed, she became a Spa Manager on the Upper East Side of New York City where she spent two years learning marketing essentials, sales, budget and staff management. 

While working a full time in Management, London started to build a clientele specializing in natural hair and healthy hair care practice. She serviced clients in their homes or accepted clients in her apartment.  She often credits social media and client referrals to the growth of her client base in New York City. Taking a leap of faith she left her job in Management and began focusing solely on her clients and being their personal hair care coach. As time progressed, she not only built a strong clientele in New York City, but also in Atlanta where she recently relocated. 

London found her purpose in not only providing a very simplistic style of beauty but being able to educate, coach, and uplift her clients through her skills and knowledge of healthy hair care practices. She wanted her approach to beauty to be fresh and easily accessible. She not only used her gift of building trusting relationships but also to encourage her clients to embrace who they are; flaws and all.  Living in New York City for 5 years has shown her so many walks of life but most importantly, individualism. Individualism, if nothing at all, is one thing London will always keep with her living in a city where most often people become lost. She continues to find her way through the beauty industry by constantly finding ways to push a simplistic yet consistent approach to beauty.