Miss London Bella's Silk Bar Hair Studio is Now Open!

Check out the video from the GRAND OPENING!

It has been a long time coming, but I am SO proud to announce that my salon, London Bella’s Silk Bar Hair Studio is now OPEN! This salon is for the woman who is all about taking charge of her lifestyle, starting with her hair! Making healthy hair everyone’s #hairgoals is what we’re striving to do!

Here at Silk Bar Hair Studio we aim to provide not only healthy hair care but also an amazing and relaxing experience. This salon is an educational environment that will give every client the confidence to care for their hair even while away from the salon or between appointments. While this has always been my personal goal, I’m excited to start the next chapter on a larger scale inside the Silk Bar Studio!

So many people came out to our grand opening and made it a success. The love and support was unparalleled! We at Silk Bar Hair Studio want to give a huge thank you to the team of supporters, clients, family and friends that helped pull it all together and made it so special. The late nights and planning were all worth it! Come visit us at our new location in Decatur, Ga!

Much love,


Our salon is by appointment only. Book your appointments HERE.

Silk Bar Hair Studio

4717 Covington Hwy

Decatur, Ga 30035


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Naturally Phenomenal

I think it is so important to embrace our “Natural” selves. To accept one’s self is often difficult in a world fueled by standards that are often not realistic. It was only right for me to take that truth and make something that everyone could be proud of and wear. The inspiration behind the “Naturally Phenomenal “ t-shirt comes from one of the most famous African American female author, poet, and activist, Maya Angelou. Take this time and read this historic poem and hold it dear to your heart.

Love, Lon

Phenomenal Woman

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.

I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size

But when I start to tell them,

They think I'm telling lies.

I say,

It's in the reach of my arms

The span of my hips,

The stride of my step,

The curl of my lips.

I'm a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That's me.


I walk into a room

Just as cool as you please,

And to a man,

The fellows stand or

Fall down on their knees.

Then they swarm around me,

A hive of honey bees.

I say,

It's the fire in my eyes,

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet.

I'm a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That's me.


Men themselves have wondered

What they see in me.

They try so much

But they can't touch

My inner mystery.

When I try to show them

They say they still can't see.

I say,

It's in the arch of my back,

The sun of my smile,

The ride of my breasts,

The grace of my style.

I'm a woman



Phenomenal woman,

That's me.


Now you understand

Just why my head's not bowed.

I don't shout or jump about

Or have to talk real loud.

When you see me passing

It ought to make you proud.

I say,

It's in the click of my heels,

The bend of my hair,

the palm of my hand,

The need of my care,

'Cause I'm a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That's me.