1. What is a silk press?

A silk press is done with a flat iron. For the hair to be silky, it needs to properly moisturized throughout every step. This includes the cleanse, treatment, and all the layers of protectants. The molecule size of the leave in conditioners and protectants need to be small so that it does not create a heavy build up on the hair. Heavy products will make the hair seem dull and lackluster. Use lightweight products when silk pressing the hair. 

2. What are some of my all time favorite flat irons?

The flat irons listed below have layers of ceramic and tourmaline coatings on the plates.  These compositions not only give even heat to the plates but add shine and smoothness to the hair. Be mindful of the heat temperature and the amount of passes through the hair. 

Fhi Platform Series -
Solano -
Sedu Revolution -

3. What are some of my favorite product brands (I have so many
more brands that I love, but here are just a few)?

Kera Care
Simplicity Hair Oil

4. How often should you silk press your hair?

I honestly would not recommend anyone to silk press their hair more than once tops twice a month, with no touch ups in between ( I understand for certain circumstances, one may need to do it more frequently).  Also, I do not believe in putting heat on dirty hair, which is a sure way to burn it! 

5. How often should one get a trim?

I say its best to trim the hair every 2 months. If one is a true natural and likes to stretch it further, than wait no longer than three months. Hair can wear and tear with any type of manipulation. This can be caused by detangling, different style creations, and even by the free hair that brushes along our clothing, for example wool hats, coats and scarves. Most importantly a trim will stop split ends in their tracks, and by doing that one will retain more length. 

A trim can be as little as a ¼ of an inch; it doesn’t have to be so much, so stop being afraid. Do what you need to do in between your trims and the trim won't end up being so much. The goal is retention, not to start over every time. 

6. What are some basic steps one should take on washday and
throughout the week?

*Shampoo the hair with a moisturizing shampoo that cleanses, but nothing that over strips the hair. You can also do one shampoo with a clarifying cleanser if you have a tone of product build up from the week.

*Pick your favorite conditioner/ mask and treat the hair. Bake the treatment in the hair at least 20 minutes. This can be done under a
steamer, heating cap, an overhead dryer or just a plastic shower cap, which uses your body heat to infuse the treatment into the strands.

*After conditioning, lightly towel dry the hair but not too much. Take this time to section the hair and use your detangling leave in
conditioners to get through the hair, with a wide tooth comb or by finger detangle if you prefer that technique. 

*After you have detangled the hair, pic your style of choice and execute. 

*Throughout the week, lightly oil the ends of the hair, I believe in protecting the hair cut at all times, whether the hair is in its most
natural state, pressed or relaxed.

I personally do this weekly to my hair.

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