Raw Indian Clip - Ins


Raw Indian Clip - Ins

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 100% Raw Indian wavy hair imported from India. Hair is from one single donor.  Perfect for your protective style needs. It blends well with natural unprocessed hair textures. Medium luster, with a natural shine. Minimum to no shedding and 100% guaranteed tangle free. The hair can be washed, colored, silk press, and used to create more textured looks for example with perm rods. Three different lengths are provided (14, 16 and 18).

 Care instructions:

When you are ready to install your beautiful raw hair, please wash with your favorite moisture shampoo and conditioner.  Wash with really warm water , but not scolding hot.  Wash in a downward smoothing motion. Once it is time to condition, place your treatment on from top to bottom, with the 4 finger run through or a wide tooth comb, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse in cool water, let hang to dry. 


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